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Are You an Enlightened Leader?
The Search For "Enlightened" Leaders; Are You One of These Rare Beings?

For over 30 years, Renaissance Leadership has sought relentlessly to identify leaders committed to improving productivity and the bottom line through accelerated alignment and development of people. Our search has yielded key partnerships with organizations and leaders who intend to build the sustainable winning cultures of tomorrow.

As featured on this web site, recent successes have encouraged us to find and support other "renaissance leaders" determined to construct a 21st Century business model. Perhaps you have such an enlightened executive in your echelon or maybe you are one yourself.

In our decades of experience serving corporate leadership and culture change efforts, we know that an organization's leader is the chief determinant in the success of any systemic change initiative. Our most successful partnerships prove these enlightened leaders have the following attributes:

  • A belief that they are the architects and accountable caretakers of their corporate culture;
  • A values-centered leadership style which models desired behavior to bring out the best in a diverse workforce;
  • A clear compelling Vision and Mission and the ability to enroll and engage the organization in them;
  • A strategic versus tactical approach to organizational effectiveness and the tenacity to invest long term in people to achieve the Vision;
  • Daily behaviors and decisions (especially hiring, firing, promotions and recognition) which actually demonstrate their stated belief that people are the company's most valuable asset.
If these attributes strike a chord with you and you want to have an even greater/swifter impact on the direction and results of your enterprise, we would like to explore being a catalyst in your organization's "renaissance." We can assist you in unleashing the potential of your people and harnessing the power that results.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning from you.

Are you ready to candidly evaluate your leadership style? Contact us at 804-677-7394.