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Deluxe Corporation

"Change is constant, however, by using Renaissance, we are now much better prepared as a company and as employees to map our own journey and adapt to the changing marketplace."
Larry Mosner
Chief Operating Officer
Deluxe Corporation

The Challenge

For over 90 years, Deluxe Corporation led the check supply industry, but foresaw the impact that technology would have on paper checking. Anticipating a significant decline in check revenues near the turn of the century, Deluxe needed to reinvent itself quickly in the marketplace and diversify into electronic payments, fraud control, and other information based services for financial institutions. More importantly, Deluxe needed to transform a cultural mindset from "deliberate, cautious and nice" to "aggressive, creative and candid." The challenge was to mobilize and re-energize a workforce to become nimble, innovative and self-directed to combat competition and avoid obsolescence.

The Journey

Renaissance Leadership worked with the Deluxe CEO and Senior Leadership Team to candidly assess:

A) Current state of the business
B) Desired future state and vision
C) Major roadblocks and enablers associated
with moving from A to B

This process led to the establishment of:
Leadership Commitment: RL coached executives within several levels of management.
Change Definition and Guidance: RL created a multi-function, multi-level team of respected change agents who lead "The Deluxe Way".
Employee Ownership: RL facilitated a series of 3-day workshops for all 1,200 managers. The dramatic experience was custom-designed to enable all employees to viscerally and conceptually understand the new direction and desired behaviors.
Systems Alignment: As Deluxe's strategic partner, RL identified all major systems and processes that must be aligned with "The Deluxe Way."

The Renaissance

Only 18 months into the change process there is major, irreversible transition in terms of employee outlook and throughout Deluxe Corporation. Most significant are:

  • Higher employee retention rates, especially in the competitive technical sector
  • Proactive collaboration between departments
  • More effective recruiting, hiring, and promoting of employees
  • Enhanced morale and initiative across all divisions of Deluxe Corporation.
  • A stronger position for negotiating mergers and critical partnerships
CEO Gus Blanchard (who has utilized Renaissance Leadership for over 18 years) believes Renaissance Leadership to be a magical partner when it comes to harnessing and unleashing the human capital of his company.
Are you ready to venture on a journey? Contact us at 804-677-7394.