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Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals

"…We realized that we were responsible for developing our own vision for our organization and for making it become a reality. Renaissance Leadership became the consistent voice supporting our recognizing what we didn't want to recognize. They gave us the knowledge that we can and must change."
Marie A. Mickey

The Challenge

Mergers and acquisitions have dominated the economy in the last decade, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. At Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals (RPRP), the newly merged group needed to work collaboratively and effectively. Morale was down, employees were suspicious of new management, insecure in their roles, yet capable, with strong work ethics and concern for the company. The sales force felt spent by year's end with diminishing passion for yet another round of business as usual. The challenge was to increase productivity and to become a high performance 21st Century culture.

The Journey

Through the process of "inculcating"(impressing upon the mind by persistent urging and repetition) Renaissance Leadership worked with the Senior Leadership Team to establish a new RPRP mission, strategic principles and behavioral values called "The RPRP Way". Off-site retreats and coaching helped to position the members as the model team and as change leader champions. With facilitators from RL to guide and motivate throughout the process, these leaders transformed the culture of the organization.

The Renaissance

With the help of Renaissance Leadership, the RPRP Senior Leadership Team learned the "softer side" of running a business and getting the most from people. Attrition rates are down and revenue is up across the organization.

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